Praying for the Jewish People

PRAY ROMANS 1:16 - that Believers in Yeshua would desire to practice the mandate of NT Missions in accordance to Romans 1:16, "to the Jews [first] and also to the Gentiles..."

PRAY ZECHARIAH 12:10 - that our compassionate Lord God will pour out upon the Jewish people a spirit of grace and supplication so that they may know the living God and in seeking Him will of course find Him in Yeshua.

PRAY ROMANS 10:12,13 - that Jewish people confronted with the Gospel of Messiah might call upon the name of the Lord and be saved.

PRAY 2 CORINTHIANS 3:16 - that the Jewish people might be unveiled to see the glorious Gospel of their savior and their Jewish brother, Yeshua.

PRAY ROMANS 11:25,26 - that all Israel will indeed be saved; thus, how can I participate in that Gospel truth.

PRAY ROMANS 11:11 - that Gentile believers in the Church might provoke their Jewish friends to jealousy with the living Word of God.

PRAY ROMANS 4:16; 11:16-18 - that Gentile believers might see and know and acknowledge and be thankful for their Hebraic and Jewish roots.

PRAY GENESIS 12 - that your church might have a heart and participate in the mandate of missions to see Jewish people saved and Israel to become messianic.