Christian Ministry to Israel exists for the purpose of proclaiming salvation in Yeshua to the Jewish people first, and also to the Gentiles according to Romans 1:16. CMI is also committed to teaching the Word of God that believers may be enlightened, encouraged, and equipped.

100% of your designated gift goes directly to the family or ministry that you designate your support. Thank you!

    • 7 Families serving in Israel
    • 1 Congregation in Israel
    • 2 Families in the USA
    • Hear O' Israel Radio Program on Moody Radio, USA
    • Messiah Yeshua in the Hebrew AlephBeit Hebrew Readers Club
    • Publications (books and monthly newsletter)
    • From the Uttermost Back to Jerusalem Mission/Tour to Israel

100% of undesignated gifts go directly to the total mission (all of the above) of Christian Ministry to Israel. Thank you!