Core Beliefs

JERUSALEM - Yerushalayim has been the capital of the nation of Israel since the days of King David. Before David it was the holy city of MelchiTzedek. Yerushalayim is hallmarked through the Holy Scriptures as the holy city, the city of God, Zion, the vineyard of the Lord YHWH Who is the Land's Lord. Yerushalayim has an eternal future and will be the seat of Yeshua during His millennial kingdom. Yes, it snows in Yerushalayim, in fact, more today than in its history! 

BIBLE - The canonical Holy Scriptures are the Divine Library; they are inspired, inerrant, infallible, authoritative, trustworthy, and the final revelation of God to man. The Holy Scriptures alone are the Word of God!

TRINITY - God is eternally coexistent in three distinct persons, Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. All three are echad ("one") and all three are YHWH. Y'shua HaMashiach is the visible image of the invisible Elohim YHWH.

SALVATION - Eternal salvation rests upon one's faith in the life, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and [High] Priestly intercession of Yeshua/Jesus, a faith that is experiential and regenerative. Once regenerated or born into His spiritual and eternal kingdom, it is impossible to become unregenerate, for one is saved by the incorruptible seed of God and is indwelt by the Ruach haKodesh, the Holy Spirit.

HOLY SPIRIT - Just as Yochanon the Immerser immersed OT believers into the element of water, all authentic believers in Yeshua are baptized by Yeshua into the Holy Spirit. The result of Yeshua's baptism is a "new man" that has resurrected from the old life to a new life. This is regeneration! The new creature bears the fruit of the Holy Spirit and he is (1) proclaimed perfect by the Father (justification), (2) is presently being perfected by the Holy Spirit (sanctification), and (3) will one day be perfected like unto the image of the Son (glorification). 

COVENANT - The Torah or Mosaic code has become obsolete as a covenant due to Israel's disobedience. As prophesied for Israel (Jeremiah 31:31; Hebrews 8:13) YHWH has made brit chadesha or a new covenant. Shaul (Paul) likened Israel's relationship to the OT torah as one of marriage. Only death could severe a marriage covenant! Our marriage to the Torah or Law was severed by our death. We died! Believers in Yeshua died with Yeshua, and thus, have become dead to the Mosaic Law just as a marriage is severed by the death of the spouse. Believers in Yeshua have a new husband! Yeshua! The old covenant has been severed by death, the death of both Yeshua and the believer. Read Romans 7:4 to know more.

SALVATION - The believer in Yeshua (1) was saved at a point-in-time of his/her regeneration; (2) is being saved as he lives and matures as a believer, and (3) will be saved in the future and for eternity. The Good Shepherd has never lost a sheep -not one! The Word of God is an incorruptible seed/sperm which germinates in the heart of a believer giving an incorruptible life.

ESCHATOLOGY - The biblical truth of a pre-tribulation rapture or snatching of the saints from the earth by Yeshua was and is the doctrine of the apostles. Yeshua is coming for His bride, His body, His church, before the dreadful day of the Lord spoken of by the prophets. The rapture of the holy ones from the earth is imminent, and precedes what scripture calls “the Great Tribulation” or "Jacob's Trouble." The bible further teaches pre-millennial eschatology, meaning that following the rapture of the church and prior to the Second Coming of Yeshua to the earth to reign for one-thousand years, Israel will face The Great Tribulation also known as Jacob's Trouble, when Messiah Yeshua will deal with an unbelieving nation of Israel for seven years, pouring out His wrath upon Israel and also upon the nations. Messiah Yeshua will return to save His remnant ("all Israel will be saved") and then, will reign from Jerusalem, on the Davidic throne, over all the earth, for one thousand literal years (Revelation 21,22).

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