ISRAEL Mission/Tour 2023

Touch Him as We Walk Where He Walked

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Image carousel of our Israel Mission/Tour


A. Mark Albertini; Sharon Albertini; Stephanie Alpert; Charles Anderson; Susan Arnold; Connie Atkins.

B. Faye Baxter; Cristine Polce-Bennett (x2); Edward Bennett; Tony Bennett; Janet Brock; Steve Brown; Sandi Brown; Elberta Butler; Wayne Butler.

C. Dean Carter; Patricia Carter; Michael Carter (x4); Brian Clinton; Amanda Clinton; Gordon Connell; Jan Connell (x2); Corey Carpenter; Kim Carpenter; Dr. Mike Carr; Sarah Crabtree (x4); Diana Crooks; Casandra Crosby (x2); Terry Cutcher (x2); Sheila Cutcher.

D. Dora Mae Davis; Alex DeBord; Christopher Dodson; Rhonda Dodson; Shirley Downs; Steve Drennon; Brenda Drennon.

E. Brooke Edwards; Scott Engel; Sarah Engel.

F. Calvin Fowler; Nathan Frick; Amber Frick; Paul Frick.

G. Luke Golden; Megan Grant; Nancy Grice; William R. Goswick; Jimmie Goswick; Julae Grosz (x2); Greg Guider; Malinda Guider.

H. Bill Halladay (x2); Eric Hawkins; Jeannie Hughes.

I. Debbie Ingle; Abby Ingle.

J. Walter Jahncke; Carol Jahncke.

K. Sharon Keller; Kirian Keith; Lane Keith (x11); Rhonda Keith; Marisa Kierstead; Erin Carter Knight; Mark Koons (x2); Ann Koons (x2); Tim Kochis.

L. Tim LaFleur; Chistine LaFleur; Abby Lawrence; Byron Lipscomb; Linda Lipscomb; Brooklyn Lisemby; Crystal Lisemby (x4); Faith Lisemby; Jacob Lisemby (x2); Joel Lisemby; Judah Lisemby; Kristen Lisemby; Dr. Reginald (Reggie) Lisemby (x19); Ricky Lisemby (x3); Brandon Lowry (x3); Allison Lowry (x2).

M. Jim Manning; Mary Manning; Megan Marcus; Tom Meade (x3); David Mitchell (x3); Diana Mitchell (x3); Chris Moses; Heather Moses; Les Moss (x2); Dale Moss; Gloria Murphy.

P. Justin Perry (x2); Roy Phipps; Olivia Piccirillo; Melanie Pioth; Bill Pryor.

R. Barry Ratchford; Sue Ratchford; Tammy Ratcliff; Ruth Ann Ray; Jim Robertson; Shirley Robinson; Dr. Roger Ross (x2); Darlene Ross; Nicole (Swanger) Rojas; Lindsay Rowe; Dr. Richard Rush.

S. Florence Samuels; David Sellers; Steve Settle; Judy Settle; Amy Sherman; David Sherman; Nancy Sherrill (x3); Dr. Alan Sherwood; Tammy Sherwood; Peggy Sloan; Rosalyn Small (x2); Donna Smith; Mike Smith; Janet Smith; Sarah Smith; Luci Soutouras; Bill Spencer; Aaron Spencer; David Stutz Sr. (x3); Angie Stutz; David Stutz Jr.; Joan Sullivan (x5); Mike Swift.

T. Don Taylor; Jamie Taylor; Chris Taylor; Mindy Tarlor; RyanTaylor (x3); Rodney Thompson; Allen Tippitt; Kay Tippitt; Michael Trevathan; Darlene Trevathan.

V. Joe Ann Vann; Larry Vaughn; Amy Vaughn.

W. Carole Wallin; Lacy Walters (x2); David Wiley; Mollie Wiley; Barry Wilks; Amy Williams; Andrew Wilson; Carling Wilson; Joe Wilson (x2); Mark Womack; Barbara Woods; Joe Ann Wright (x4).

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