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What is the Significance of the Shofar Horn? in the Holy Scriptures other than a tool for sounding tones for assembly, war, alarm, like a dinner-bell, etc? There is 'much todo about nothing' these days, I think with Jewish ministries blowing horns thinking it is a spiritual exercise.

Thank you, Ms. P. Let me first, paste below an interview I recently did for 88.9 FM Moody Radio answering that question in brief. Explaining the Shofar.

Now, let me give more. The shofar is first seen though not hallmarked when Avraham is stopped by Elohim from slaying his son, Ytzack, and Avraham he sees a ram with his horns (shofarim) caught in the thicket. I don't want to exaggerate when I say the ram may be a type of Messiah wearing a crown of thorns, it became the substitute sacrifice provided by Elohim. Later, the shofar or "trumpet" (English translation) was used for a signaling instrument, a voice, to Israel as you say. There were three prominent sounds that were blown, the Tekiah, the Shevarim, and the T'Ruach, each one a tone for a particular message to those hearing. The book of Yoel and other prophets also prophesy that in the last days the shofar is to sound a very great alarm, the whole earth is to fear, as the "Day of the Lord" has come. 
I think today that any device we use may be an effective tool for the dramatization of what the Word says. 
Isaiah says that we are a shofar of God. He inspires us to lift up our voice -like a shofar and tell Israel of their sinning.  
I have written a book called Yom T'Ruach, meaning literally, "Day to the Breath/Spirit/Wind" where I give the presage of the Shofar all the way until the Last Days, and also the meanings of the tunes. I would love for you to have a copy and will send it to you free of charge; simply forward us your address. Thanks. 

Is the Abrahamic Covenant Obsolete?

B’RESHEET (GENESIS) 12:1-3. G-d made a covenant with Avraham which included three blessings: personal blessing, national blessing, and universal blessing, “In you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” This same covenant was cut with Yitz’chak, the true heir of Avraham (Gen.26:4), and a third time with Ya’akov his Seed to be a blessing to all the families of the earth (Genesis 28:14). The strategy of G-d in the giving of His revelation was to establish an expectation of Mashiach. This anticipation began with the “first gospel,” Genesis 3:15, called the Protoevangelium. A very important motif in scripture is the line of descent for Mashiach. The Avrahamic covenant secures the guarantee and the lineage of the Seed. It also reveals more “good news!”

YOCHANAN (JOHN) 8:56. Yeshua stated that Avraham knew His day. The good news did not begin with Mattityahu (Matthew) or Mark, at the carnation of Yeshua or following His resurrection. The gospel originated in Genesis with the promise of the Seed. In the B’rit Chadashah or New Testament Sha’ul (Paul) promotes the fact that the Avrahamic covenant with its promise is the gospel (Gal.3:8). It never ceased to be! The latter Mosaic covenant was to reveal sin (Rom.3:19,20), was temporary (Gal.3:19), was a minister of death (2Cor.3:2-11), a tutor (Gal.3: 24,25), and has become obsolete (Hebrews 8:13). However, the Avrahamic covenant was ratified, was not invalidated by latter covenants (Gal.3:16, 17), and it continues (Jer.31:31-37; Luke 1:67-75; Acts 3:25-26; Gal.3:8,9; Heb.6:13-20). The Abrahamic covenant was an everlasting covenant!

ACHARIT-HAYAMIM. So! What does this mean to those in these “last days?” Much! There is prophetic, futuristic and eschatological importance in the resurrection and re-gathering of the nation of Yisrael to its land. Yisrael will continue to exist as a nation, a separate entity from the church. The Church is not the new Yisrael, nor the “new Jew,” the teaching of Replacement Theology, and the Avrahamic covenant is invaluable concerning the realization of a millennial rule of Yeshua the Mashiach from Yisrael in Yerushalayim. Furthermore, there is soteriological importance. The “Dual Covenant” theology being propagated by rabbis and liberal believers who negate the evangelization of Jews has no footing. Yeshua taught that the hallmark of the Torah (Law), the Neviim (Prophets), and the Ketuvim (Writings) was its highlighting of Himself (Luke 24:27,44; John 5:39, 45). The Jew first and then the Gentile must come to the Father through the Messiah. Yeshua taught that to know the Father, to know the Scriptures, to know truth was and is to be cognizant and recognize the Son as the only approach to the Almighty God. The gospel is for the Jews first (Romans 1:16), and we should missionize the Jews foremost! Jewish ministry is a wave from God. JOIN IT!!


Who were the Sons of God? I recently listened to a radio program and the preacher was speaking about the sons of God marrying the daughters of men; were the "sons of God" fallen angels intermarrying with humans, or as he suggested, sons of Seth marrying daughters of Cain. 

Thank you, for your question and I like very much the study of this one, in fact I was in Israel in June (2017) participating in an archaeologic dig at a place called Gezer where beings called Nephilim were pursued and killed by servants of David. Our radio program Hear O' Israel this Sunday evening, 7:00 PM 88.9 FM Moody Radio (September 24) answers this question, although it took me two programs and I still did not finish. 

To answer I start with Moshe since he is the author of the Torah/ Pentateuch. So, why did Moshe give us that information from all the history of the ages before him and of his day? And, what is the information he gave? He was inspired, of course, and in context with his inspiration he is writing of the messianic genealogy of the coming Messiah. 
Before Genesis 6:1-8 (of the intermarriage) Moshe in chapter 5 gives us the lineage: Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, and the introduction of Noach (Genesis 5) upon who YHWH pronounces a blessing from the curse of YHWH pronounced back in Eden (Genesis 5:29). It just so happens (nope), or by providence (yes), these men whom are named are of the promised "seed" to come, prophesied by YHWH upon Havva (Eve) to come from woman. Yet, that seed is continually in jeopardy. Cain killed Avel, yet God gave Seth, the "appointed one."  This intermarriage is within the motif of the Seed in Jeopardy and satan's intent is to corrupt the human blood line. 
The intermarriage is not the lineage of Seth marrying the lineage of Cain since we may not assume that all the myriad children from Seth were godly believers. After all, only Noach and three sons were saved by the Ark. Everyone is evil. Also, we may not assume that there are only two bloodlines. Adam and Havva had myriad of myriad children. We are only told of three of them, Cain, Avel, and Seth, but these three had myriad brothers and sisters who married each other to procreate and propagate humanity. 
The intermarriage is not dynastic rulers or ancient kings intermarrying with a less caste system. Reading the text, something sinister and satanic is happening, and the intent, again, is to corrupt the human bloodline so that the "seed" coming might be tainted. 
Where is America in Biblical Prophecy?

Can America, the richest, most prominent, powerful, and most prestigious nation in today’s world be excluded from the scriptural list of nations, and in particular, concerning the last days? Included are Israel, Jordan (Ammon, Moab), Egypt, Edom, Sudan (Cush, Ethiopia), Russia (Rosh), Iran (Persia), Iraq (Babylon), Europe (the reunited Roman Empire), central Asia (Magog), Syria, Greece, Saudi Arabia (Sheba and Dedan), Libya (Put), Lebanon (Gebal and Tyre), Turkey (Tubal; Meshech), and Germany (Gomer, Togarma). Where is America or the United States?

El Elyon, “God Most High” separated the sons of Adam, set the boundaries, establishes kings to rule nations and removes them. He makes, enlarges and destroys nations according to His will (Deut.32:8; Dan. 2:20-21; 4:17,34,35; Acts 22-31; Job 12:23-25).

In context to the nations exclusively, America is included where “all nations” are referenced (Micah 5:15; Ezek.39:21). Many Bible students suggest that last days Babylon (Rev.18:9-11) is America, but this is certainly not the case as John is writing of historical, geographical Babylon. Isaiah’s “unnamed nation” (18:1,2) is thought by some to be America though the larger context defines the land as Cush and Egypt. Ezekiel’s “young lions of Tarshish” protesting Gog and Magog’s invasion of Israel (38:13-22) is considered by some to be America. This may be the best possible hint to America in Holy Writ, yet is very unclear.

The Lord God did not mention America because she will not be a key player in the last days theater due to three scenarios: (1) America will be greatly crippled by nuclear war; (2) America will be greatly crippled or destroyed within by spiritual compromise and moral corruption; (3) America will be greatly crippled or destroyed by a traumatic event such as the rapture or seizing of the saints. A recent poll estimates some 23 % of America are Christian, that is, 65 million people of the total USA population of 282 million. True Christendom may not be half that, more like 11% which is near 32 million people. When they suddenly “are not” and have disappeared, this will for certain devastate the US and the world. 

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