Multifaceted Mission

The MISSION TO ISRAEL is Multifaceted

(1) Our mission is to introduce our team to biblical missions, the commission given in Matthew 28:19 ("to all the nations"), the priority given in Acts 1:8 ("Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost part of the earth"), and the mandate given in Romans 1:16 ("to the Jews, first and also the Gentiles"), resulting in all Israel (the remnant always) being saved (Romans 11).
(2) Our mission is to introduce our team to CMI representatives and their ministries in Israel (who obey the mandate of biblical missions, above, #1).
(3) Our mission is to introduce our team to biblical geography, the land of Israel (Mount Moriah, Jerusalem, the Judean desert, Galilee, etc.) esteemed places in the bible.
(4) Our mission is to introduce our team to the biblical seed/people of Israel (Orthodox Jews, Conservative Jews, Reform Jews, Lubavitch Jews, Chasidic Jews, Reconstructionist Jews, Karaite Jews, Chabadic Jews, Arabs, Druze, Bedouins, and Asians, etc.).
(5) Our mission is to introduce our team to biblical eschatology, pretribulation, premillennial plan of God for the church and Israel.
(6) Our mission is to introduce our team to Middle Eastern culture and life, the context of the bible and Israel, the epicenter of the world.
(7) Our mission is to introduce our team to Israel as the aroma of Messiah by our presence, providential meet ups, prayer, praise, and persuasion, "as we go" looking for opportunity and some strategically planned outreaches.   

The mission to Israel is designed so that team members will have a Godly and biblical love for Israel, the land and the people, be nurtured in the eschatological plan of God for Israel and the church, desirous then to invest in others this love and enlightenment of the chosen seed of God.

"Dear Reggie and Crystal,

Thank you for your faithful leadership as our team "went up" to Israel in October.  It was an amazing journey in so many ways!  The aliyah Psalms Crystal read each morning were great reminders of why we made the trip.  And your teaching at each of the historical sites really made the Bible come alive!  It was beautiful to be able to walk in the footsteps of both the patriarchs and Yeshua.  Meeting CMI representatives in The Land was so beneficial in deepening my comprehension of the enormous work that they do and the support that they so desperately need. I now think of these precious people and pray for them daily.  As far as "travel comforts" go, we had them!  Flights were smooth, travel was timed as to keep jet lag at a minimum, food was fantastic, accommodations were nice, the selection of visited sites was meaningful, outreach was emphasized, and our tour guide and bus driver were THE BEST!  I would LOVE to go again, and I pray that some day I will.  Until then, it is my desire for as many believers as possible make the journey to Israel with CMI.  I have spoken to others who have visited Israel, and when we compare our trips, the CMI experience beat the others hands down.  Your experience in The Land through many previous trips coupled with the way you teach the Bible throughout the trip made for a very meaningful Israel experience.  I fell in love with Yeshua all over again!  Thank you for your leadership.  I hope CMI will continue to provide believers with this opportunity to experience Israel and support the work of CMI Representatives for many years to come.  

Debbie I."