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                                                 THE HEBREW CRASH COURSE WORKS

IT WORKS IN PRISONS: HEBREW CRASH COURSE Launched at Walker State Prison, Rock Springs, GA, December, 2012 (above)

- I have had two wonderful Hebrew experiences. One was traveling to and later leading six trips to Israel. The second experience has been studying the Hebrew Crash Course with Dr. Reginald (Reggie) Lisemby learning the Hebrew alphabet, how to pronounce the Hebrew words, and reading in class selected passages from the Old Testament then studying what those passages revealed. What a wonderful Godly experience to hear God talk to me in His language, the Hebrew language. Paul L. Henze


- My first lesson some three years ago honestly had to have been a God-thing. I have always enjoyed being taught by Reggie Lisemby and his knowledge of the Bible, so I knew that the class would be interesting.  There was a challenge to the class, I will admit, but to hear the Word of God in Hebrew is a blessing every time I read, speak, and/or hear it. I can’t explain except to believe that it is something that God has put in my heart.  Then, to learn the meaning of the Hebrew Words adds such a depth and understanding that enriches my faith.  There have been so many “aha” moments in studying the Hebrew.  Additionally, to go to Israel [the land of the Hebrew] has been an amazing experience, both times.  Sounds a bit selfish because it is God’s blessing to me.  I hope, though, that it will help me be a blessing to others. Joan Sullivan

- Having gone through the Hebrew Crash Course with Dr. Reggie Lisemby has been so educational and informative. You not only get to learn the Hebrew alphabet and learn how to pronounce Hebrew words, but learn the history of the language and some of the history and culture of the Hebrews.
- If you will study some each day, after only a few months you will absolutely be able to read Hebrew. Then moving on to read and study selected chapters in the Old Testament, you will see there is so much more depth than our English  translations. Be prepared to be amazed! Sababa! ("Awesome!") Barry Ratchford

IT WORKS TOWARD COLLEGE & SEMINARY: ROSALYN SMALL was One of Our First Students and One of Lee University's Premier Students of Hebrew

What can I say about Hebrew that people don’t know about me already!!!! Hebrew has literally changed my life for the good. I came to Brainerd after a very bad experience and the graces of God opened my ear to someone speaking about a new class being offered on Wednesday nights, a Hebrew class. Reading Hebrew was a childhood dream of mine since I was 7 years old. So at 15, I went to the class the first night, and immediately knew that no matter what I would commit to this. I met the teacher, Reggie Lisemby that night, found out the course costs only $25, and it became the best $25 I ever spent.

 Hebrew reminded me of several things, first, how much God loves me and the reason I fell in love with Him at the first. The Hebrew took me back to when I was 7-9 years old learning about my hero in the faith, Moses who, like me, had a speech problem. Third, Hebrew reminded me that the Yahweh of the Old Testament is the Yeshua of the New Testament, and that His love never changes. Hebrew has been my love language; it has been how God has related to me. At times when I was angry and didn’t want to hear Him or even when I did, Hebrew was the way in which God spoke and opened his word to me. I feel his voice every time I read His words in the original. It’s quite an experience. It’s so much deeper than any other language I have come to learn, so God-felt. 

To sum up, at 15 years of age I forsook the traditional youth ministry and spent $25 that would radically change my life. These last six years of my life have been so richly blessed that I feel God had spoken directly to me! I welcome all those who decide to embark on the journey to learning Biblical Hebrew. It’s a language that’s hard to forget. It starts out tough, but eventually much like salvation you have an epiphany moment and it all comes together. Study hard at it, and always keep your heart open to learning something new- even if it has been six years!

Toda RabaRosalyn Small

READ HEBREW Class Sailing the Galilee. Once a Year We Go the Land of Hebrew and Practice Speaking in the Tongue of Hebrew

to say that learning Hebrew changed my life would be a great understatement. Hebrew has been, for me, more than just memorizing the interesting sounds of ancient pictograph characters. Learning Hebrew is like a blind man being able to see for the first time. Suddenly, I went from reading the Bible to having the Holy Scriptures drawn for me by those ‘funny’ little pictograph characters. Sadly, English translations can often blind us from viewing the Scriptures through the author’s lens. Knowing the original language we are able to see the author’s perspective; I have seen blatant imagery of Yeshua walking through the Hebrew script. I will never, ever read the Bible the same way again. For me, learning Hebrew has made me fall madly in love with the Word of God. 

If you have talked to me for more than 5 minutes, chances are you have heard about what an impact learning Hebrew has made on my ability to study scripture and ultimately my walk with Yeshua. I am happy to say that our study group is taking a hiatus and Dr. Lisemby will be taking a new group of students through the beginners course starting in September at the BX of Brainerd Baptist Church. If you have always had the desire to study the language of the Old Testament, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! The class will meet on Wednesday nights at the BX at 6:30pm.The course will likely go through the end of the year for beginners, but far beyond if you wish to continue your study and translate the books of the Old Testament with us.

Cost of the course is $25 for two books and four CD's that will assist you in learning privately. If you have any additional questions please let me know! I'll do my best to answer them.

Come have an adventure in the Word with us! Sarah Crabtree

The Hebrew class Dr. Lisemby conducts is greatly appreciated for all the Bible I have gleaned from the basic interpretations of the original HEBREW.  Dr Lisemby is patient and caring and allows me to make mistakes; I try to not  miss a Wednesday class because I might miss something.  I confess I cannot yet sight-read Hebrew, but the Bible knowledge I have gained is awesome.  Thank you Reggie!  You are a blessing! RuthAnn Ray