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The Cohen (High Priest) of Israel was a new Adam and the Temple in Israel was a new Garden in Eden. The Menorah in the Temple was the Tree of Life, the Shewbread on the table were good things to eat, and the Kodesh Kodeshim or Holy of Holies, was the Holy Ground where God was enthroned. Adam/man was exiled from the Holy Land and God's presence for disobedience, but the Cohen/High Priest was man invited back into God's presence -although NEVER without blood and only one time each year (Yom Kippur). Yeshua, our High Priest has gone behind the veil, and is soon to return. Yeshua is a Melchizedekian Priest, and like Melchizedek, His land is Israel and His Temple is Jerusalem.This goodread by Director Lisemby is available in book form or Kindle. Order from CMI for $12.00 and all proceeds go to the Mission. Enjoy!
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