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The first Messiahmas was not so joyous; no one was singing, not even thinking, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Joy to the World, or We Three Kings. The seed of Woman promised to Adam and Havvah in Genesis was now being born, and the serpent from the beginning knew it. Messiahmas in BeitLechem was a holocaust!

The serpent had watched the presage of the seed from Havvah, and from Seth, Noach, Shem, Avraham, Ytzack, Yacov, and Yehudah. David, from the tribe of Judah was a man after God's heart and the serpent knew it. David sinned...horrifically! Shlomo was the wisest man in the world, and the serpent turned Shlomo's heart from God. Before both of these were born, the Judge or Shoftem, Shamshon, the strongest man in the world was mightily blessed by God. The serpent corrupted his devotion to God.  
Through the generations the serpent watched and wondered if any of these and others who loved and served God might be that 'seed' prophesied from the beginning. Tonight, he knows! A virgin has given a seed from the tribe of Yehudah...and the heavens are declaring it!

Was Yeshua, the seed of woman promised from the beginning born on the 25th of Kislev in harmony with the feast of Chanukah celebrated on that day? Was the messianic seed of woman born in the winter? Why did Yoseph and Miriam flee the Promised Land to Mizrahim? Couldn't God give Herod a stroke or heart attack, kill him dead while he slept? Why must the Son of Man Who is also the Son of God have to run? God running? Who were the Magi? Were they Jews or Arabs? What sign did the Magi see in the heavens? Was the star they saw a ghost star, an apparition that led them, or was it a real kokav, a star in the cosmos created for signs and seasons? 

Would you like to read the Messiahmas story from MattityahuMarkos, Lukos, and Yochanon in chronological order -to know exactly what happened first, then, second, third, etc.? Would you like to both read and hear the Hebrew names and terms? This book is accompanied with an audio Cd and also contains the myriad international traditions of Christmas, the myriad Jewish contributions to Christmas, and it is sentimental too; the author, Reginald Lisemby tells about his childhood Christmases, and his family's LogHouse Christmas they have every year in the hills of Arkansas. 
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ONTH'S OFFER only $7.00. Do the ancient holy prophetic scriptures validate the modern Jewish claim to the land of Israel? Let's 
rephrase the question. Do the ancient holy prophetic scriptures validate the modern Jewish claim to the land of Isra
el, the land of the LandLord, YHWH? What do the Zionist say? What do the Palestinians say? Are 
there no provisions to His land that squatters upon and settlers within it must acquire?  Adam was exiled from His holy land. Avraham was told to wait until all of the "...ite" brothers in the land  "filled up their iniquity" to be exiled from it. Even OT Israel was exiled from the holy land -on several occasions! Then, as prophesied by Yeshua, Himself, NT Israel was exiled from the Landlord's estate, a
nd they have been exiled as a nation, until 1948. 
Does the Jewish resurrection to the land since 1948 validate biblical and spiritual revival of the holy land? Can they remain in the vineyard of the Landlord without belief and adherence and obedience in the LandLord's Son? This read will both raise and answer serious questions concerning the bias of the Landlord toward anyone who attempts to settle in His backyard who does not love and submit to His Son. His Son's name, is Yeshua! Modern Israel and Palestinians m
ay soon 
inherit the fury of an an
gry God, a wrath that is called, "The Great Tribulation."   
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