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SHALOM CHAVERIM ("Greetings Friends"),

Christian Ministry to Israel
 began in 1944 for the primary purpose of returning Yeshua to the Jewish peopleThis was the passion and ministry of our Lord, Yeshua and there has always been a remnant Israel of God. 

Today, myriads of Jewish people are coming to faith in Yeshua (the Jewish way to say Jesus), in fact, more Jewish people have come to faith in Yeshua in the last two decades than in the last two millennia. 

Jewish sage once said, "Do not petition God to go where you are going. Rather, find where God is going and join Him." Beloved, we invite you to join CMI as we obey the biblical mandate of taking the gospel of Yeshua to the Jews first and also to the Gentiles according to New Covenant protocol of missions stated in Romans 1:16.  

We offer you the opportunity to help gather and bless the house of Israel. Join us! Join God! 

Christian Ministry to Israel is a 501-C non-profit mission organization

The content of this website is copyrighted and reflects the faith, values, and views of our Messianic ministry to Israel